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Whether you’re looking for a pre-workout boost, a post-exercise recovery aid, or a nutritious snack, the Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar delivers plenty of protein to help reach your goals. Available in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Dark Chocolate Brownie flavors, ACHIEVE Protein Bars are a delicious way to fuel your next adventure.

Herbalife24 ACHIEVE Protein Bar: Dark Chocolate Brownie

SKU: 2126
    • 20 g of high-quality whey and milk protein to promote lean muscle growth
    • 4 g of sugar
    • Contributes to recovery from exercise
    • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or added colors
    • Simple, clean ingredients
  • Consume 1-2 bars daily between meals, around workouts, or when your cravings hit for an indulgent, satisfying snack with protein-packed energy.

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