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Herbalife guarantees the quality of any product which carries the Herbalife name and certifies that the products manufactured for Herbalife meet high standards of freshness and purity for your use. If you are a retail customer or a Preferred Member, we are confident that you will find our products satisfactory in every way. However, if for any reason, you are not satisfied with any Herbalife product purchased directly from Herbalife or an Herbalife Independent Distributor, you may return it within 30 days from the receipted dated of purchase for a full refund or product exchange. Refunds and exchanges may be obtained by following the instructions available at or by calling 866-866-4744 or by contacting your Herbalife Independent Distributor. This guarantee is limited as it is subject to (i) Section 16 (Warranty Disclaimer) and Section 17 (Limitation of Liability) of these Terms of Use and (ii) to the terms of any specific warranty(ies) attached to or packaged together with certain products. This guarantee does not apply to any product intentionally damaged or misused.


If you are an Independent Distributor and your distributorship is canceled for any reason, you may return all unopened products that were purchased within the 12 months prior to the date of cancellation for a full refund. To obtain a refund, Independent Distributors may call Herbalife at 866-866-4744 or submit the refund form available at

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